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1. Renter must present a valid driving license issued at least 3 years ago, an identification card and must be at least 23 years old. Renter must be at least 25 years old and have 5 year driving experience to drive Luxury class automobiles. Renters whose age is under 23 and/or who has driving experience of less than 3 years are charged an additional fee of €4,5 per day and double deposit.


2. The minimum car rental term is 24 hours. Rented car is delivered with mandatory equipment required by the Traffic Police. Renter receives the car in good condition and is obliged to return the hired car in the same state with all the documents, equipment and extras. In the case of loss and/or damage of the document, license number plates, car keys Renter will pay and additional fee of €200.


3. If Renter wants to use rented car after expiry of the agreed rental term, he must inform the Owner no later than 5 hours before the termination of the contract. In this case Renter may continue to use rental car after signing a new contract and paying car rental costs. The method of payment for the overdue period is agreed with Owner.


4. If Renter doesn't return rented car after the termination of the contract and he hasn't informed Owner about extending of the rental term, the following fees are charged: for a period less than 1 hour – free of charge; for the period 1-4 hours – a fee equal to full day car rental; for the period from 4 hours to 24 hours – a fee equal to triple full day car rental fee. After 24 hours rented car is considered to be appropriated by Renter and Owner informs the relevant authorities, all rights of the Owner under this contract are reserved. 


5. Rented car can be drived only by Renter named in the rental agreement. Otherwise all insurances are invalid and Renter will assume full material responsibility for the rented car.  


6. Renter is not permitted to drive rental car after consuming alcohol and other drugs, as well as to use car for transportation of passengers and cargo under fee, for transportation of illegal goods, for competitive activities, for towing another vehicle, for purposes of training.


7. Car rental fee includes third party liability insurance, limitation of liability up to the amount of the deposit, vignette, road tax, airport parking lot fee, replacement of the rented car, 24/7 road assistance at the territory of Republic of Bulgaria, free booking cancellation no later than 72 hours before the start of pre-agreed rent period. When renting a car for a period of 2 days or more its mileage is unlimited. Ifrent period is 1 day, there is a mileage limit of 300 km. When exceeding the limit, the Renter pays €0.08 for each additional kilometer.


8. Car rental fee doesn't include fuel price. Rental car is delivered and returned with the full fuel tank. If Renter returns rented car with empty tank, he is obliged to pay €1,5 per litre and a service fee of €20.  


9. For delivery and return of rental car outside working hours as well as during public holidays Renter is charged a fee of €15. Renting a car at the Pro Rent a Car office is free of charge. When delivering a car to a particular address there is a delivery fee according to the distance and workload of the work shift, which is agreed in advance. 


10. In the case of road accident independently from whether Renter is guilty or not, he will contact the authorities /tel.112/ and wait their coming to obtain the statement of the accident as well as to inform Owner immediately. Otherwise Renter assumes full material liability for damages occurred. 
In case of guilty, the Renter owes a penalty equal to the rental price of a car for the days of stay due to the elimination of the damage.  


11. Renter will not leave car keys, remote devices, registration card and other accessories provided by Owner /CD panel, navigation, device for wireless internet, etc./ in the rental car. Otherwise Renter pays the costs of these things in the case of their loss, as well as the cost of elimination of the damages to the vehicle related to the theft.


12. Renter is required to manage the rented vehicle with due diligence like a good owner. Renter will defend rental car from attacks by parking it at the guarded parking or garage only with the alarm system turned on and other available technical means of protection. Renter will take all precautions. 


13. In the case of damage, loss or theft of the auto parts, components, equipment, extras, damage to the car interior (upholstery, dashboard, seats, trunk linings and others) as a result of the fault of the Renter, as well as damage caused by driving off the pavement, using of wrong fuel, negligent usage and driving, improper exploitation, Renter will pay full compensation until damages will be repaired, as well as additional fees in connection with the elimination of the damages including transportation of the rental car. Renter also will pay a forfeit equal to car rental price for the days of downtime due to the elimination of damages.  


14. If rented car is stolen, Renter is obliged to return the documents and keys to the Owner and request a certificate from the Regional Police Department. Otherwise, Renter assumes full liability for the full price of the automobile.  


15. Renter will pay all the fines and fees for illegal parking and other violations of the Law of Road Traffic within the terms of the rental agreeement.  


16. Rental car is permitted to leave the territory of Bulgaria only after expressed consent of the Owner. Renter will pay the following “Border” fees: on the way to EU - €40, out of EU - €50. In the case of the leaving of the territory of Bulgaria which was not agreed earlier Renter will pay a fine of €500.  


17. When signing the agreement Renter will pay agreed car rental price and a deposit in cash or by blocking the amount on credit card. When Renter returns hired car the deposit is returned to him, as well as amounts due for damages, missing auto parts, unloaded fuel and other fines according to the agreement are deduced from this amount. Deposit is a guarantee and can not be used for paying of extending the rent period. In the case the deposit was paid by blocking the amount on credit card Renter is obliged to assist absorbtion of the required amounts.  


18. Repair of rental car is implemented only in service stations approved by Owner.


19. Renter agrees his personal data to be used according to Article 19 Paragraph 1 of the Law of Personal Data Protection of Bulgaria. Owner is registered according to the Law of Personal Data Protection and has certificate №347430. Owner guarantees personal data of Renter will not be used in the purposes different from those of the current agreement.  


20. Disputes arising in connection with this agreement shall be settled by agreement between the parties or according to current Bulgarian legislation.  


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