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To the South by the seaside with Pro rent-a- car
To the South by the seaside with Pro rent-a- car

There is nothing easier than to reach anywhere in our country as long as you want. If you love to travel, if you're a fan of thousands of our natural and historic attractions, if you need a breath of fresh air in everyday busy schedules - we, the team of Pro rent-a- car, are near you, to provide you with a car rental you need and to make your journey the most comfortable and exciting.


Certainly, anyone living in Varna, has heard and visited the notorious shaft of Asparukh. Even the name makes it clear that it is located near Asparukhovo area and it's our first starting point of our journey. Maybe it will be interesting for you to learn that it was considered as a protective gear, built by proto-bulgarians who had come here in 681. Initially the shaft was over 3.5 km, but today only a part of about 1300 meters is preserved in the eponymous park . It was tall over 4 meters, but today it is about 3 meters because of the excavations made during the First World War. Access to it is free, and there are many restaurants and cafes, and hotels near it at reasonable prices.


After the quick walk to the shaft of Asparukh we will take you to equally impressive and remarkable place which the town of Byala is. The ancient village is outlined with the famous fortress "St. Atanas", which consists of three buildings with different functionalities - winery, basilica and baptistery. According to many sources, the fortress dates back from V-VI century and is surrounded by a fence, which in places reaches about 150 meters, it is made of stones and bricks. There are comfortable hotels for rest and relaxation not far from the fortress, the price per night starts at 30 lev and restaurants around are numerous and offer delicious and authentic Bulgarian cuisine.


As a next destination, we have prepared something very remarkable and interesting - namely Ancient spas in Burgas. They are situated only in 15 km from Burgas in "Vetren" area and are actually whole ancient and medieval city - "Aquae Khalide - Thermopolis". The town was founded around the hot mineral springs in Thracian times. Inside you can see the ancient and medieval baths, fortress wall, Thracian tomb, and the Christian church. Climatic conditions of this region have helped and separated this place to become one of the oldest spa resorts with mineral water - namely coastal climate, long and warm summers, moderately cold winters. All this creates favorable conditions for spa treatment all the year round. Near the mineral baths there are comfortable small hotels for accommodation, the prices for the period vary from 39 to 89 Levs per night, depending on your preference. Dining options are few, and prices in winter are totally decent and reasonable.


And as a conclusion of today's walk by car rental, we bravely advise you - let winter is no obstacle for exciting new trips, because places that we tell you about are attractive and equally impressive, like in summer. And for your comfort and safety, our vehicles are equipped with all the extras to make your trip safe in winter and filled with beautiful memories of places visited. Because with Pro rent-a- car is always fast, convenient and last but not least - pleasant. 

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