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The main benefits of the service Rent-a-car
The main benefits of the service Rent-a-car


Rent-a-car  service is becoming increasingly popular in Bulgaria. Offered mainly in the big cities - Sofia, Plovdiv, Veliko Tarnovo, Stara Zagora and on the Black Sea - Varna and Burgas. Rent-a-car companies are developing their activities and settlements are smaller, mostly near the sea ("Sunny Beach", "Albena", "Golden Sands"). Rent a car can be almost anywhere in Bulgaria, after a preliminary agreement with the company providing the service. A car has a number of advantages - during your holiday, graduation party or a business trip

1.  Freedom of choice:   With a car you can choose the route and schedule a trip. Do not worry about the train and bus schedules. Your costs are determined in accordance with the spent fuel, and no amount of traveling with you.    

2.  car entirely at your disposal  car at your disposal for the duration of the lease. Time you reach your coaxed place for business meetings or meeting with friends in the city.  

3.  A low flow:  Vehicles with low fuel consumption will save you money, and you will have time to visit the planned destinations and attractions. It is important to know also that you do not pay your regular expenses for the repair and support vehicle. 

4.  Convenient parking:  In a car you can easily park near your hotel or apartment, eating establishments or places of entertainment.    

5.  right car  at the right moment:  Most car rental-new, purchased two or three years ago. If you need a luxury car for an important business meeting, for example, or for personal reasons - graduation party, wedding, rent-a-car service in this plan will become your indispensable assistant. At your disposal machine for a certain period of time, does not require a significant investment. 

6. Convenient Booking:  Car hire can be booked at any time, online or by phone. In most cases, rent-a-car companies have their own websites where postings a car. Also the technical specifications and accessories car. You will have enough time to read and compare the offers. 

7. Fast and convenient methods of payment:  Payment by card or transfer, which frees you from the need to visit the office rent-a-car company. If you take a car at the resort "Sunny Beach", for example, you will not be beneficial if you have to go to Varna to pay and pick up the car.  

8. Help with incidents malfunction of machines:  Rent-a-car companies will give you a phone number to call 24 hours a day. Use this contact, if you set the machine to a defect (not your fault). The car must be replaced. Incident on the road, also contact rent-a-car company - but it's still not completely free you from liability or punishment for speeding. 


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