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Rent a car Varna - Boating to Pomorie, Sozopol, Primorsko and Kiten
Rent a car Varna - Boating to Pomorie, Sozopol, Primorsko and Kiten

Rent a car Varna - Wondering which sea resort to visit? Hesitating to choose between several places? We, the team of Pro rentacar Varna will offer you the following - why not  to visit several resorts in several days? Please, see below...

As a first destination we are pleased to offer you beautiful and picturesque  resort of Pomorie. In the native town of Peyo Yavorov you can visit the church of Transfiguration of Christ, the Historical museum, where you can see household belongings of the Late Bronze Age, the monastery of St. George Victorious, the Museum of Salt, which is the only place in Bulgaria for the production of salt by solar evaporation. Pomorie lake is a real beauty as well, which is a protected area and is included in the list of wetlands of international importance. You can choose between various hotels and guesthouses at prices from 10 to 50 lv. per person for your rest and vacation.

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Secondly, but not least and rich in sights, we recommend solar Sozopol, which is situated in the southern part of the Burgas Bay. The famous Snake Island is situated a little to the south from Sozopol, it is an uninhabited rocky islet, where many rare sea birds nest, and the Mount Bakarlaka is situated, where you can find Thracian fortresses, built during XII-XIII centuries B.C. In the town you can see the Archeological museum and the Picture gallery. The Old Town of Sozopol is interesting as well, which was declared an archaeological and architectural reserve, with many stone buildings and imposing facades. You can stay at cozy guest houses at a price from 15 to 40 lv. per person, and an all inclusive option in a 4-star hotel is at a price from 60 lv. per person.


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If you want to visit one of the most famous reserves in Bulgaria, you must go to Primorsko. These reserves are "Water lilies" ("Vodni lilii"), the famous "Ropotamo" and the sand dunes "Perla". "Ropotamo" is the oldest reserve  in  Bulgaria, where various rock formations, swamps, bogs, incomparable blooming water lily and marsh cane amaze you with its beauty. Interesting fact is that there are more than 100 species of plants and 250 species of birds, included in the Red book. Maybe you don't know, but the most beautiful cape on the southern coast is situated on the outskirts of Primorsko, it is so called Maslen cape (from Bulgarian - "Butter cape"). Sharp underwater rocks and steep slopes make it almost inaccessible, and its sinister glory is justified - past remembers frequent shipwrecks, which were fatal... Primorsko can offer you a different kind of fun which is scuba diving. At a price of 25 euros per person for a dive you can see underwater stone forest, interesting rock formations, schools of fish and sea creatures and cracks in the form of caves. Prices at the Primorsko hotels are accessible - a 4-star hotel accommodation is from 60 lv., a room at the guest house from 15 to 30 lv. per person.

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And as a final destination we offer you Kiten resort, which was built on the ruins of the ancient city of Urdoviza - an ancient Thracian settlement. Today the town offers excellent possibility of rest and vacation, and incredible combination of mountain and sea - there are beaches of Atliman and Urdoviza, and the natural park Strandzha is near. You can book a room at Kiten at a price from 15 to 30 lv. per person in little family hotels with 2 stars, and in more luxury hotels from 50 to 100 lv. per person with breakfast included in the price.

If you liked our virtual tour and you want to visit this wonderful places for recreation and rest, let us take care of your comfortable trip - with a rental car from Pro rentacar Varna to anywhere in Bulgaria - fast, easy, comfortable and enjoyable!



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