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Rent-a-car: tips
Rent-a-car: tips

What is necessary to know when we rent a car? Here are some useful tips below.


First of all, choose a car that corresponds to your needs. The smallest car is not a successful choice always. Take into account the number of passengers, the luggage and the distance to travel by car! Considering these details you can avoid troubles connected with small size of the used car.


Secondly, think which extras you would like to use. It is possible that you need GPS, additional baggage compartment or a child seat. Inform the workers of the rent-a-car company about your choice in advance in order that you could know the full price of the rental car with its extras.


In the third place, ask about the total price.Very often they don't include additional expenses such as amortization fee for the distance above certain mileage into the announced total price which is done in marketing purposes. The same applies to the document processing, delivery and return of the car and other similar expenses.


Fourthly, check the condition of tires, bumpers and windows. It is better to check their condition before you rent a car because rent-a-car companies often charge additional fees for the problems connected to car damages like that. Check the condition of tires, if the tread is OK, if there are any damages on the side edge, such as scrapes or bulges. Check if the window glasses have traces of little stone hits, which can turn into breaks later. Car window damages are paid by the insurer, but they can cause problems during your trip.


Return of the car: tips

Check the car return conditions, when are you supposed to return the car, if there are any specific conditions. Also it is necessary to check if you have to return a car with a full tank! Some rent-a-car companies charge extra fees if the client returns a car which is not fuel.


Contract signing: tips

It is necessary to read attentively every point of the contract! Keep a copy of the contract for yourself even after you have returned the car to the rent-a-car company.



About fines: after you have signed a contract about car rental you become obliged to pay all fines imposed on you by the traffic police or another authority. It is possible that the notice of the fine can be sent in the period up to 2 month from the date of the violation, therefore don't be surprised if a rent-a-car company representative calls you requiring you to pay your fine. 


After you have booked your car save an email with the booking confirmation! In the case of some problems with rent-a-car company the email can be useful for submission of your claims!



The last but not least advice is to drive a car carefully! It will help you to rent cars in good condition in future and, besides that, it will protect you from fines and unforeseen expenses!

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