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RENT-A-CAR for family trip. Some useful tips
RENT-A-CAR for family trip. Some useful tips


Your family trip planned months before usually begins with transfer from the airport or bus station to the hotel or another place of accommodation. Rent-a-car service gets more and more popularity for carrying these transfers out at any time of the day and to any part of the country. You can rent a car and visit interesting sights even if they are situated in hundred kilometers from you. You have all your freedom to see the country without any problems with time and restrictions the organized tourist groups have. However, it is important to take into account some advices before you choose your car.


In order to avoid unpleasant surprises during the time of your long-expected vacation book a car at least 1 day before your journey. Summer time choose your car a week before your arrival since rent-a-car service is a very demandful one among tourists, especially if we talk about transfers from Sofia, Varna and Burgas airports. In winter take into account that ski amateurs will make their reservations of cars in advance. Leave at leasts from 5 to 7 days in reserve if you are oriented to ski resorts.


Think about the rental car which would correspond to your budget. Minivans and cars of the middle class are preferred for family trips. Don't neglect fuel costs. When you pickup your rental car its fuel tank is full. You are responsible for the used fuel during the time of your travel in Bulgaria. When you drive winter time or you are not sure how many places you are going to visit during the day it's better to reinsure yourself with a little more fuel in reserve. In this way you will prevent additional expenses of searching of the petrol stations or payments for road-side assistance.


Think of the extras that could be required for the rental car depending on the season which you have chosen for your vacation. Summer time it's necessary to check if the rental car is equipped with functioning air conditioning which would make your journey more comfortable and save you from the heat. Rent-a-car companies provide child seats if you need them. Ask about advice concerning rental car extras in advance, especially if you are travelling with babies or little children.



After you have reached an agreement on the rental car most suited for you examine the provided car patiently and attentively. In the case you find some defects of the vehicle, tank not full with fuel or some other incompatibilities with the contract get in touch with the rent-a-car company representative immediately when you are at the car pickup location. It is necessary to write down the contact numbers, learn telephone numbers of the rent-a-car company, road-side service and emergency service. Take with you the map of the country or of the region where you are going to spend your vacation. GPS navigation could successfully replace the tradiitonal paper map. Follow the specified speed limits and enjoy of the freedom that rent-a-car service gives to you!

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