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Car hire in Varna - some useful tips
Car hire in Varna - some useful tips


If you decide to rentacar in Varna , the first thing you need to do - is to find a reliable rent-a-car company in the city. Look on the internet or consult with friends or family who have already used this service. Be sure to contact the rent-a-car company - by phone or e-mail, and ask questions. Do not hesitate to ask about even the smallest detail, which in time can be significant. 

Start with your budget - what you can afford and what kind of car, respectively. Sometimes it is better to allocate a little more money to get the desired car. If you can afford it, get a car with five doors, not four, for example, with air conditioning, central locking. Rental cars should have mandatory insurance, CTP, vignettes, and technically sound. 

In some cases, you can make an offer additional insurance for theft or road accident. Do not neglect the fact that the insurance policy does not relieve you of the responsibility of driving. If you have a traffic accident, insist that a representative of the police report was filed on the extent of the damage. Phone Emergency cases in Bulgaria - 112, MIA - 160. Also notified of the incident x-a-car company.   

You will have to pay for the damages of tires or coupe car. For your bills are paid as fines for parking in Varna or outside the city. Speed ​​limit in towns - 50 km / h and beyond - 90km/chas. In Bulgaria allowed to drive at speeds of up 130km/chas if you are on the highway. Your documents must always be valid. 

It is important to know also that the driver of the car rental may be the only one who signed the agreement on rent-a-car service. The contract can be activated and a second person with whom you can turn to drive. You must be at least 25 years old and have a valid driver's license and passport.   

In Varna, especially in the summer season, the traffic in the morning and evening hours of the day is very intense. In the center of town on duty police patrols, which intersect speed. Do not exceed the maximum authorized speed 50km/chas to avoid possible penalties. Follow the road signs, be alert to small streets in the central part of Varna, most of them - one-sided. 

For more safety car, take your keys with you and choose the paid parking lot or area where you are not in violation, and where light and lively. This can prevent car theft. Do not hesitate to contact with rent-a-car company, if you need a road map or GPS.


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