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Additional equipment for a car
Additional equipment for a car


When renting a car you pay for the number of rental days. If you are a regular rent-a-car company or reserve a car in advance for a few days before the trip, you will be offered a lucrative option. The same is true if you take the car for a longer period, for example, all of your week beach vacation with family or friends. Cheap car hire offer a good opportunity to take and additional equipment for your own comfort:


1. Children's self-chair: When you eat with your family and young children, arrange with the rent-a-car company to grant you a children's auto-safety chair for young passengers. Equipment extra charge, but facilitates driving and frees you from the need to constantly monitor the child in the rear view mirror.  

2. GPS system: Most of the rent-a-car vehicle new . When you do not know the city or resort to eat, order a navigation system for the car. You will be much easier to navigate, where you are from, where the nearby dining options, hotels, discos and other GPS system - an indispensable tool if you are off the planned route or do not know how many were drawn away from the hotel, for example.   

3. Road maps: If you are a traditionalist and prefer the paper road maps, you can get them from your rent-a-car company. Use them when you do not believe in the current route or would like to visit other attractions or friends in another city. The drawback of these cards is that they are, they can not provide you with current information about traffic jams or road repair - what can the system GPS. 

4. Ski boot: If you are planning a holiday in the mountains in winter, looking for a car with a large trunk, where you can put your skis. Otherwise you will have to rent them at the station, where you will relax. 

5. Snow chains: A very necessary thing, if you are traveling to Bulgaria in the winter. Snow at any time can give you a surprise and then have to pay road assistance to get back to the hotel. Huts - difficult to access, especially if you do not have chains for the tires. Do not forget to check the technical condition of the car in the fall or winter. Stock up on water, food and enough fuel before you hit the road. 

6. The driver: Arrange with your rent-a-car company on the driver of the car rental service.Disappear all your worries about whether there is a parking space, for example, and you will free yourself from liability in the event of an incident on the road or car theft. Accommodation and meals are paid the driver for your account, but you get the feeling of comfort and can safely surrender thoughts about the upcoming holiday, a business meeting or with friends. 


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